Shelter NSW
The lights are on, somebody's home.

People react to the political decisions made about the places where they live in ways that can be seen, heard, felt, and sensed. In Waterloo, a place with a history of large-scale redevelopments, community responses to the most recent state government announcement for ‘renewal’ are creative, risky, and political... more

City Hub
Waterloo Tenants Speak Up

Community art project ‘We Live Here 2017’ is providing Waterloo public housing tenants with a platform to express how they feel about controversial plans to redevelop their homes. The project will see a light installation at Waterloo’s Matavai and Turanga Towers come to life in July, followed by a documentary in late 2017 capturing the stories of tenants and roll out of the project. more

Daily Telegraph
Waterloo's public housing residents showcase their heart through film and art

A new project will shine a light on the people who make up Waterloo’s public housing community. Ahead of the proposed razing­ of the Matavai and Turanga towers in the Waterloo­ estate, 500 coloured lights will be installed into the windows of housing tenants, allowing them to change the colours to communicate their feelings with the outside world. more

Public Housing Residents want to Light Up the Skyline, ABC News

A group of public housing residents in inner-city Waterloo in Sydney want to set-up one of the largest art-installation projects the country has ever seen. The 'We Live Here Project' plans to put mood lights in the windows of these towers to draw attention to what is happening. more


South Sydney Herald
Vivid Memories

Apart from making a documentary that explores and celebrates our neighbourhood stories, Clare and her team are working with Matavai and Turanga towers to create a community-powered light sculpture... more