Tell it like it is! This is an important chapter for Waterloo - you can really sock-it-to-them here, and shape the future of our neighbourhood. We will share your ideas with the decision makers: The suggestion box is dead, long live the public record!

#WeLiveHere2017 posts information regularly about our project and issues relating to the area on our Facebook page. 'Like' us to keep updated.

Waterloo Public Housing Action Group have been campaigning for tenants rights since early 2016. For 2 months on Waterloo Green they installed the Waterloo Tent Embassy protesting against the sale of public land and the redevelopment of their homes, gathering community support and raising awareness of the people at the heart of Waterloo. WPHAG meet every Tuesday 4-6pm: Solander Building Community Room

Redwatch is a local organisation providing up-to-date information and advocacy on matters concerning Redfern, Eveleigh, Darlington and Waterloo. They meet on the first Thursday of every month: The Factory, 67 Raglan St Waterloo

Clover Moore's campaign against the redevelopment plans for Waterloo: Petition now closed, more info here.

Tenants' Association offers free advice and advocacy to tenants.